About Me

My photography started as a hobby back in 2009 when I was working overseas as a software developer. I have been photographing landscapes, portraits of families, friends, and sports activities since then.

​In September 2017, a colleague inquired if I had any experience with maternity photo shoots. I replied affirmatively and shared that I had previously photographed my wife during her pregnancy with our daughter in 2014. This colleague then asked if I could take her maternity photos as well, which I gladly did. Shortly thereafter, she referred another colleague who was also interested in a maternity photo shoot. This experience inspired me to expand my photography portfolio to include portraits and events. From October to December 30, 2017, I offered complimentary photo sessions to families, expectant mothers, and engaged couples as a means of building my portfolio.

​My technical side involves software development, while my creative side is expressed through photography and painting. What you may not know about me, is that I painted a wedding in 2022, you can check my wedding painting here.

Drawing and painting have always been a natural talent of mine since a young age. It seems to run in my family as my dad is skilled at painting portraits and nature, my sister excels at drawing fashion, my younger brother has a talent for drawing cartoon characters as well as portraits, and my youngest sister is an architect. Over the years, I have drawn and painted a vast array of subjects, from comic book superheroes to anime to nature. I even participated in drawing competitions throughout my primary and high school years.

A special thanks to my very supportive wife.