Meet the Team


Software Developer.
Live Wedding Painter.

Photography is for fun.


Hi, my name is Lieschen and photography is my passion. My work is not just a job, but a reflection of my personality - I am a hopeless romantic who is drawn to the magic of love, nature and adventure. From the breathtaking scenery of natural landscapes to the intimate moments between two people, I love to romanticise the world around me through my photographs. I am always on the lookout for unique and special moments to capture, whether it's a first kiss, a stolen glance, or a heartfelt laugh.


I have been fascinated by photography since my dad bought a new digital camera when I was 14. Since then have followed a passion for capturing moments in time into a career, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in photography in 2022, and working as a freelance photographer along the way. I love documenting the little moments that collectively make up people's lives. It is such a unique experience to be so close to a couple as they navigate through one of the greatest milestones of their lives.


I'm a Christchurch based Photographer- Half Chinese, Half kiwi. I've been shooting weddings for 4 years now, started out in events and festivals.

Being a creative has been in my blood since my early days from tinkering away with crafts, art to playing the piano + violin. Let's just say I go through phases and don't do things in halves!


Hi, my name is Melanie, I have had a strong interest in the arts since growing up and it has been something I wanted to pursue. I am currently studying applied visual arts so being surrounded by art and talented artists is very inspiring to me. I consider myself a friendly and approachable person who is willing to help however I can. I really enjoy attending events and meeting new people so I am excited for the future interactions that I will have with this experience.